Case Studies



Graduate Apprentice, Mechanical Fitter

Work experience introduced me to Centrax and to apprenticeships. It seemed like a good way to gain practical skills alongside technical knowledge, rather than following the traditional college route.

In the first year, we worked towards the NVQ Level 2 and the Level 3 National Certificate in Engineering (2-year course). I then went on to complete a Higher National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering alongside an NVQ Level 3.

There is a great team mentality within each department, and this provides a really good environment to learn in. The level of tooling and equipment available allows you to learn the job with ease and teaches you a number of skills.

I was given the opportunity to be involved and lead a large company project as part of the test cell upgrade. You also get to work within multiple departments throughout the company including the customer support department working on site.

The opportunity to work alongside the service engineers on site and travel to multiple countries was a big highlight. Along with the completion of a major project.

Definitely. It’s a well-developed programme that pushes you to reach your potential and supports you through all aspects of training. This support continues well beyond the four years of the apprenticeship, into the future.

My current role is a Mechanical Fitter. This involves working on the shop floor assembling mechanical components to the required drawings, and fitting them to gas turbine generator packages.

I would like to progress within the company, and in time move away from the shop floor. This will come as I gain more knowledge and skills through additional training.



MEng Electromechanical, Customer Support Analyst

Looking to broaden his engineering experience, Michail joined Centrax’s Graduate Scheme. Two years later, he’s enjoying a career advancing business systems at the heart of Centrax’s comprehensive customer support network.

Centrax’s story intrigued me. It’s a privately-owned company based in Devon, competing against huge multinational names like GE and Kawasaki and has strong ties with Siemens.
The programme offered real industry experience and the opportunity to work in a variety of departments. In addition, graduates were expected to travel to sites in Europe, Russia, and Africa. I was able to not only capitalise on a new set of skills but also broaden my outlook.

By working in the different departments, I met a lot of interesting people with a lifetime of experience who helped me learn a great deal about the industry. I also acquired hands-on experience working with very expensive and sophisticated equipment.

My highlight was when I first travelled to France to participate in the commissioning of a generator set and experienced the challenges engineers face every day. Problems that aren’t taught at university.

My current role, as Customer Support Analyst, involves the continuation of a data acquisition project that I worked on during the scheme. Centrax is working to connect its customer units, relating to the Internet of Things (IoT) and I’m involved in integrating the systems on to a common platform, developing algorithms and writing a code.

Upon completion of the data acquisition project, I would like to continue improving the business systems by integrating high-tech solutions including machine learning analytics.



Msc Engineering, Senior Quality Engineer

Brassington joined Centrax‘s graduate programme after completing his degree at Southampton University. As a mature student Brassington was looking for opportunities to apply his practical and theoretical knowledge to kick-start his career in engineering.

During the programme I worked in various departments within the company, including
Engineering, Quality & Design and Customer Support, gaining invaluable skills I could then adopt for future roles. The knowledge I acquired through working in varied roles/departments has helped me understand how the aspects of business within the company interplay.

The travel to far afield locations, meeting new clients and fellow engineers has been the highlight for me personally. However, I still enjoy coming into work every day because it is never the same, there is always something new to learn or a challenge to overcome.

Yes, I was offered a Quality Test Engineer position, working to ensure that the products we build comply with standards and regulations. I have also been involved in various research and development projects to advance the CX501 package.

Centrax is a great company to work for. From day one the people have been very welcoming, and the environment and work ethic are conducive to a pleasant working atmosphere.

Yes, definitely. There are many facets to the company and graduates have to undergo a training/readiness programme that hones their academic skills in preparation for their working life.



Graduate Apprentice, Applications Engineer

Luke’s hard work during the Apprenticeship scheme has rewarded him with European travel and a full-time job in in Sales.

It offered a flexible approach to learning that combined both theory and practical methods. I have always been a proactive and hands-on person so for me it was the ideal solution.

The Apprenticeship programme is hands-on; students are given opportunities to build their confidence and take responsibility for their own work. I got to work on a control panel upgrade for a test cell, and also had three trips to customer sites in Germany with Centrax’s Customer Support department.

The freedom to put ideas into practice and work with a great group of people, but most of all the support to get to the role I am in today.

Centrax is a good place to learn. It’s full of people that hold great knowledge, who care about the company and uphold its key values.

After completing the apprenticeship I was offered a placement in the Sales Department, and upon successful completion, I was offered a full-time role as an Applications Engineer, where I provide technical support for the sales projects.

As an Applications Engineer, I am required to communicate with customers and suppliers and create technical solutions for the Centrax products. It also allows me to gain knowledge in commercial areas while managing the projects at the sales stage.