About Us

Centrax creates a series of high-efficiency power generation packages, using Siemens Energy gas turbine technology, to suit a wide range of industries and power applications.

Using gas turbines from Siemens Energy, our generator sets range in power output from 3 MW to 15 MW. They provide efficient, reliable energy supply, mainly for combined heat and power, but also in base load, simple cycle and standby applications.  
From our base in Newton Abbot in South West England, our independent company employs approximately 250 people. We serve a diverse international market, delivering complete power generation solutions, from design and engineering to assembly and maintenance. We’re driven to provide world-class power generation. But what really fuels us at Centrax is a commitment to providing exceptional customer care with a personal touch.

What we offer


At Centrax, we don’t just create turbine technology to meet your power needs. Our service can cover every aspect of setting up and maintaining your energy project. Our pre‑built generators allow us to engineer and assemble your system quickly on‑site. This complete service includes taking responsibility for everything from recovery boilers and gas compression to mechanical and electrical services and bespoke plant control systems. Centrax’s integrated approach brings value and minimises disruption to your operations – providing an energy solution that’s convenient, reliable, easy to maintain and saves you money.


If you operate an existing generator package, Centrax can enhance the power facilities you already have. Whether you need to upgrade individual elements such as control panels, to boost capacity with additional generators, or to renovate a plant completely, we can do it. That applies both not only to existing Centrax installations but to other equipment brands too. Our versatile technology and innovative engineering approach enable us to make effective upgrades in many scenarios – increasing the efficiency and lifespan of your plant.