Service & Maintenance

Excellent service is at the heart of Centrax. We understand that in industry, losing power simply isn’t an option. That’s why we offer a no-risk guarantee for our customers.

Our gas turbine packages are built to be tough and reliable, and our ongoing servicing and maintenance programmes keeps them in optimal condition. But if a problem should arise, we take responsibility for putting it right swiftly and effectively. With remote diagnostic technology, we are able to identify the cause of many technical issues immediately from our offices. This system allows us to monitor trends and respond to problems with speed and precision. But we also have the resources to deploy staff to provide a hands-on solution whenever it’s needed. Our agile and highly responsive service team are ready to react to any challenges that come your way.


With Centrax, you don’t just get efficient power solutions. You also get a partner to provide ongoing support and guidance in the long-term. We work together with the shared goal of keeping your generator reliable and profitable into the future. There’s no-one better placed to understand our specialist energy equipment than our dedicated engineering experts. So with our excellent service and maintenance packages, you can feel confident that your energy package is in safe hands. Centrax takes care of your power needs, leaving you free to focus on looking after your core business.

Centrax Limited is a Siemens Energy-licensed Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Center (MROC) for the SGT-A05 gas turbine.


Centrax offers a full range of maintenance options from Scheduled Maintenance Inspections (SMI) to Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts (CMC) which ensure that customers maximise return on investment.


  • Inspected at regularly agreed intervals
  • Includes inspection labour
  • Access to spares and technical support


The Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) ensures the optimum level of maintenance cover.

  • All-inclusive price
  • Budgetary control with guaranteed costs and financial planning
  • Availability guarantees
  • Emergency call-out and technical assistance
  • Planned inspections and maintenance on site
  • Scheduled engine overhauls with provision of spare engine
  • Spare parts and transportation costs
  • All labour costs including travel and subsistence
Engine Repair Facility


Centrax Gas Turbines has over 50 years’ experience providing gas turbine generator service and maintenance. Our Centrax Engine Repair facility was established in 1995 to enable in-house repairs and turbine overhauls to be conducted on the Siemens Energy A05 gas turbine.

Customers purchasing A05-powered generator sets became focused on the through-life costs and the requirement for Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts (CMC’s). Building the dedicated Centrax Engine Repair facility at our Newton Abbot plant has enabled us to keep maintenance costs to a minimum, whilst ensuring the quality of this maintenance remained at the high level of quality our customers expect from us.


Our experts have a wealth of technical knowledge to support the range of Siemens Energy A05 gas turbine engines. In addition as a service to the Customer, Centrax will monitor the running of the engine following the return to service, to ensure maximum turbine performance and efficiency.

As an experienced Siemens Energy A05 engine repairer, Centrax can offer advice and support at all stages of the engine repair/overhaul process:

  • The Centrax Engine Repair facility provides support to our contracted fleet, our spare engine-owned fleet and also external customers requiring the facilities we have to support their engines
  • We are able to test all A05 derivative engines in one of our dedicated engine test facilities in Newton Abbot including DLE emissions tests where required
  • Centrax continues to work closely with Siemens Energy in the research and further development of the A05 engine derivatives in particular the A05-KB7S DLE model
  • In-house strip-down, build and re-assembly
  • Centrax provides new Siemens Energy OEM parts

Centrax supplies and builds the A05 boost module for Siemens Energy which is also fitted to the A05-KB7 and A05-KB7S derivatives; over 300 boost modules have now been assembled at Centrax.

Centrax also maintains an extensive A05 gas turbine engine rental fleet to support our customer base.