Centrax cogeneration plant lowering environmental impact in Italy

cogeneration plant in ItalyA Centrax-powered state-of-the-art cogeneration plant in Italy was officially opened in October this year by Hera, one of the country’s leading multi-utility companies.

The two CXA05-KB5 DLE generator sets, each providing up to 3.9 MW of electrical power, are attached to industrial boilers that are already heating around 8,000 apartments in Bologna, Italy. The plant has the capacity to double this amount and Hera is looking to offer local businesses and residents a greener option for staying warm this winter.

Replacing Hera’s existing thermal plant, the new system will reduce its environmental impact by 21,000kg NOx and 2,500 tonnes of CO2 each thermal year. That’s the equivalent of taking over 500 cars off the road.

Speaking at the official opening on 24 October 2017, Mr Zucchetti, Hera’s Senior Project Manager said “we’ve been very satisfied with the level of expertise and commitment received from Centrax, enabling us to turn this project around in just 18 months. It is with thanks to Centrax that we were able to install the best fitting generator sets for the project. We’ll also benefit from Centrax’s support packages over the coming years and we look forward to continuing our work together”.

Chris Dumont, Executive Manager, Sales and Marketing at Centrax commented: “We’ve been delighted to work with Hera in delivering this installation. The A05-KB5 DLE generator sets are well suited to this project, providing Hera with a compact yet powerful solution that enables excellent flexibility as and when heat and power are needed. Thanks to new technology, Hera is able to control the facilities from a remote centre allowing for minimal personnel requirements at site. We’re glad we could offer Hera the right solution and look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

The two packages, powered by Siemens Energy A05 gas turbines, were manufactured at Centrax’s headquarters in the UK and shipped to site ready for installation and commissioning at the start of Autumn 2017. Service and maintenance will be carried out by Centrax’s Italian support centre in Sassuolo.