Centrax to upgrade six gas turbine generator sets in Croatia

Centrax Gas Turbines has been commissioned by longstanding customer INA Industrija nafte Plc., a Croatian oil company, to upgrade six CX501-KB5 gas turbine generator sets in operation at INA’s sites in Molve and Ivanić grad.

The upgrade will replace current systems with the latest technology to meet with tighter EU regulations, maintain reliability and prolong the life of the original equipment.

Toby Boys, Centrax’s European Sales Manager, commented: ‘the ability to upgrade Centrax’s generator sets allow customers, like INA, the potential to maximise the life of their gensets and increase return on investment. Centrax’s engineering team is continuously developing its product technology to exceed market demands that reduce environmental impact, and raise efficiency and reliability. Two of INA’s sets have been in operation for over 30 years, and with these latest upgrades along with regular maintenance and service, all six units should continue to run for many more years”.

He added “the upgraded systems were originally planned to sit alongside the packages located in an open barn. However, Centrax proposed that it would be better to supply a purpose-made 20ft container for each unit, with all the systems pre-assembled and tested at Centrax’s facility in the UK; providing greater protection during delivery and saving installation and commissioning time at site”.

The upgrade of the three older units at Molve will consist of the supply of the 20ft containers complete with the latest water injection emission control system, electro-hydraulic start system, fire protection system and control system. The fourth unit at Molve and the two units at Ivanić grad will be upgraded with the latest water injection emission control system.

INA bought their first two Centrax 3.9 MW generator sets in 1985, to power the Molve gas treatment plant. As their plant expanded so did their power requirements and a further two units were commissioned in 1989 and 2005.

The units in Ivanić grad, were installed in 2007 and 2009 and are used to provide power for INA’s oil production facility. A CHP process is used on all four units, to capture the waste heat then used in the oil and gas extraction process.

The current upgrade project is due for completion in summer 2017.