Centrax steam-injected gas turbine to power major drinks facility in Germany

A Centrax CX501-KN7 steam injected gas turbine-powered generator set has been sold to riha WeserGold Getränke, the German fruit juice company, to power their factory in Rinteln, 60km southwest of Hannover.

riha WeserGold has been producing a variety of fruit-based drinks since 1934 and with an annual turnover of EUR 600m it is one of Europe’s largest juice producers. Although apple juice is the main product, the company’s portfolio also includes other fruit and vegetable juices, lemonades, nectar drinks and fruit-flavoured iced teas.

KWG mbH (Kraftwerksgesellschaft Rinteln) a German energy management company, was directed to provide a solution to the site’s varying power requirements and steam demand for the production of drinks.

The CX501-KN7 was selected as it offers its users a unique advantage over competing engines in this range by allowing surplus steam to be injected into the gas turbine for higher power output and electrical efficiency.

The package will generate between 3 and 6 MW of electricity, depending on the needs of the plant during peak load times and apple harvesting season when production demand is higher. This correlates with steam requirements which are also changeable according to the needs of the facility.

Once in operation, the WeserGold unit will be supported by the Centrax customer support depot in Giessen, Germany which forms part of the gas turbine manufacturer’s award-winning support network that incorporates 9 service centres in Europe.

The project will be installed and commissioned by June 2016.